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Sign up with NetBizCafe's reseller program to sell .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .us domain names




NetBizCafe's private label program allows you as a Reseller to start selling domain names within minutes of your signing up with us. Each NetBizCafe Reseller Account comes packed with FREE features. Some of the important features you get are -

Competitive Pricing

At $8.29 for Domain Names - our prices are very competitive, with discounts for higher volumes.

Total Receipts Reseller Pricing Per Domain Year
  com/.net/.org .biz/.info/.us
Low Volumes $ 8.29 $ 9.43
> US $675 $ 7.99 $ 8.99
> US $1688 $ 7.99 $ 8.50
> US $3245 $ 7.50 $ 8.25
> US $6490 $ 7.50 $ 7.99
> US $12980 $ 7.50 $ 7.50


Infinite Level comprehensive Sub-Reseller and Customer chain

You have the freedom to create Customers and Sub-Resellers under you. Each Customer and Sub-Reseller under you will get their own branded Control Panel. Each Sub-Reseller under you will further get a completely brandable full-featured Storefront and Backoffice, exactly like the one you have. This will allow your Sub-Resellers to enjoy all the facilities that you enjoy.

Comprehensive easy-to-use API Kit

Along with your Reseller account you get a comprehensive API kit FREE. All Resellers have API access to the system. The System has been designed in an extremely modular fashion. Every functionality of the system is also available as an API CALL. The entire API is based on SOAP. Unlike conventional API's which require XML creation and parsing, our API simply requires local function calls. Our return-types are direct variables and Objects that you can locally manipulate.

We also offer the following -

  • A downloadable Java Kit: You can directly download this kit and the associated java docs. After that simply write your code to make function calls to this kit
  • A WSDL file - you can simply download the WSDL file and generate your own Client libraries

Comprehensive Customisable and Brandable Storefront

NetBizCafe offers a comprehensive Storefront where your Customers may place their Orders. The Storefront is completely customisable. You can modify the look and feel, point your own URL to it and modify the content of the same.

All you have to do now is link to the storefront from your website and start selling.

Customisable and Brandable Homepage

We offer an online Customisable and brandable homepage to allow easy integration with your website. You can point your own URL to this homepage and simply direct your Customers and Sub-Resellers to this homepage.

Complete Control through your Comprehensive Control Panel

You get a comprehensive Control Panel for complete administration of all the Orders of all your Customers and Sub-Resellers. You have complete administrative control over all Orders placed by your Customers, or your Sub-Reseller chain.

Some of the management activities which you, your Customers and your Sub-Resellers have available from their respective Control Panels are

  • Manage Orders
  • Manage Customers and Sub-Resellers
  • Integrate a Paypal account or any other Payment Gateway for collecting payments from your Customers/Sub-Resellers
  • Manage complete billing and collection for all your Orders
  • Manage pricing
  • All the control panel interfaces are
  • Completely customisable
  • Completely brandable
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currency